Goodbye Samson & Delilah and Hello Hackney Style Council

Goodbye Samson & Delilah hello Hackney Style Council

After x years Samson & Delilah will be rebranding to “Hackney Style Council”.

What’s Happening?

I took over Samson and Delilah in 2019 which was a successful business well and well established in the local community. In the months since I have been delighted to welcome existing and new customers into the shop.

The Samson & Delilah brand has served the shop well over the years but we felt that the timing was right and “Hackney Style Council” better suited our local area, our artistic style and our commercial direction. 

It will take some time make the transition to the new brand, but we expect no disruption for our customers.

Will the store be closing?

No, disruption will be minimal.

Why “Hackney Style Council”?

We are Hackney born and bred and we wanted our brand to represent the local area. We are also about “style”, not just in a sense that we style hair but also ensuring that our work compliments their overall look. Ultimately we are about helping our customers have the best style so they can look and feel great!

Final words?

Just that we look forward to growing our business and welcoming our existing and new customers into our newly branded Hackney Style Council shop in the very near future. 

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