Goodbye Samson & Delilah and Hello Hackney Style Council

Goodbye Samson & Delilah hello Hackney Style Council

After x years Samson & Delilah will be rebranding to “Hackney Style Council”.

What’s Happening?

I took over Samson and Delilah in 2019 which was a successful business well and well established in the local community. In the months since I have been delighted to welcome existing and new customers into the shop.

The Samson & Delilah brand has served the shop well over the years but we felt that the timing was right and “Hackney Style Council” better suited our local area, our artistic style and our commercial direction. 

It will take some time make the transition to the new brand, but we expect no disruption for our customers.

Will the store be closing?

No, disruption will be minimal.

Why “Hackney Style Council”?

We are Hackney born and bred and we wanted our brand to represent the local area. We are also about “style”, not just in a sense that we style hair but also ensuring that our work compliments their overall look. Ultimately we are about helping our customers have the best style so they can look and feel great!

Final words?

Just that we look forward to growing our business and welcoming our existing and new customers into our newly branded Hackney Style Council shop in the very near future. 

Get in touch to book or to find out more Hackney Style Council

Advice for Growing and Maintaining Beards


Beards are more than just a fashion statement. A guy who grows and nurtures a beard may do it because it has become fashionable. However once grown a man will come to love his beard and will want to take care of it. Here I will offer some tips on maintaining your glorious beard!

Why do men grow beards?

I am not talking biology here, I mean what are the motivators behind it. These could be numerous:

It’s fashionable
Some men hate shaving
Some guys find they’re too busy to spend time shaving properly each day
Skin rashes caused by shaving
Protection towards the cold
Or maybe it’s just someone who is too lazy to shave

Decision time

Whatever the reason it is important to know that there is more than one style and choosing the right one is important.


Short beards are obviously simpler to maintain and may be more acceptable to partners who are apprehensive about the beard. That said too short and it could feel sharp against someone else skin. Also being too short may be seen as scruffy, so you may want to think about the perception you want to portray at home and at work.


Mid-duration beards can be seen as either distinguished (particularly grey beards) if they are well maintained. However, a poorly maintained beard could make look unkempt and in some extreme cases even homeless!

Long Beards

These are the hardest to maintain and you will likely need professional help to maintain your magnificent beard. You can provide some maintence of home at course but expect a regular visit to your local barber!


Firstly, invest in some decent beard trimmers if you are thinking of maintaining the length yourself. For example, if the trimmer’s plastic comb is too flimsy, a small slip could you lead to bald patch on your face and it’s likely you’ll have to shave off your whole beard. You also want a beard trimmer that doesn’t hurt. Once you’ve bought it maintain it and keep it sharp.


There are various oils, waxes and other products that can help you beard look tidy and cool. Way too many to list here, but buy known brands and avoid Poundland “bargains” (if you can afford to) as these can often make your beard seem greasy. Consult your barber if you need some advice.

Visit your barber

Why go to all the effort of growing a beard only for it look terrible? The best it will look is right after you have visited the barber. A professional can help you look cool and feel good for longer compared you doing it yourself, so it is well worth the effort.

Get in touch if you want to more about growing and maintaining a quality beard.

My Guide To Hackney

Guide to Hackney, East London

We have been in the beating heart of Hackney for over x years and have seen it change over the years. It’s a truly remarkable place which is part of our core. So what does Hackney have to offer to locals and visitors?

Hackney’s Rebirth

10 years ago Hackney would have been viewed favourably, it was seen as one of the rougher parts of the east end. However over the last 10 years a lot has changed in hackney and the surrounding areas.

The reviving of London Fields Lido, a refurbished theatre, a Picturehouse cinema, and the new bar at Hackney Empire infuse the town place with new buzz. Hackney has also seen the opening of New bars, eateries and gastropubs close to Hackney Central; with more openings in the pipeline.

During the London Olympics in 2012 Hackney also saw general improvements, the benefits of which are still felt today.

Village feeling in the City

There’s a bunch of village feeling neighbourhoods within walking distance, Chatsworth Road, Victoria Park Village, Broadway Market and the territory around London Fields all have a village feel and offer local’s a real sense of community.

Going out

There is a vibrant social environment in Hackney with many places to eat, drink and be enternained.

Eating Out:

There’s an excellent places to eat in Hackney, from the well known Vietnamese and Turkish cafés on Mare Street, to newcomers, for example, Lardo, which serves pizza and Italian dishes. Broadway Market is additionally fixed with famous eateries and bars, and its bustling Saturday slows down sell natural produce and offer all the most recent road nourishment patterns.

A Tipple or Two, don’t mind if I do!

A large number of bars in Hackney have been redone, from the Windsor Castle to the Kenton, there’s no lack of spots to go for a 16 ounces of genuine beer or a glass of wine. I highly recommended to go for a meal is the Prince Arthur! Bar Oslo pulls in a Saturday night group and has gigs upstairs.

For a Bit of Culture?

The Hackney Empire is a terrific theatre, hosting some world class appears, and surrounding area includes The Yard, the Hackney Shed and the Arcola which are also great places to check out.

Visit the The Hackney Picturehouse for all the latest blockbusters.

As standout venue for us is our neighbour the Paperdress, a retro clothes store by day, and pumping live music venue by night. The staff are always friendly and the their infamous birthday-bashes are must in December.

Enjoy Being Outdoors?

Hackney is London’s greenest district. Victoria Park, with its exquisite sailing lake, kids’ play territories and great Pavilion Cafe, is the champion fascination. Throughout the late spring it has nearby celebrations just as Lovebox.

Getting to Hackney

Overground:Hackney Central

Train: Hackney Downs

Bicycle: Hackney is well integrated into London’s cycling network

Buses: The 48, 55, 38, 30, 242 all offer services in and out of central London.

Need a haircut?

It would be remiss of me not to mention Hackney Style Council (formerly Samson & Delilah). There really is only one place to go to get your hardcut (if I do say so myself). Hackney Style Council is East London’s premier hairstylist and barbers.

We can accommodate and hairstyle and design. We would love to see you for your next haircut, don’t need a haircut just now? We’d still love to see you, feel free to swing by and say hello.